Single Source for all your Welding, Fume, Vehicle Exhaust, Downdraft, and Dust Collection Needs

Our Products

We offer a wide range of Air Purification Products.

IAP fume extraction arms are designed for source capture of airborne pollutants, produced during soldering, welding, cutting, polishing and painting.

IAP’s Stainless Steel Fume Arms provide an effective method for the capture of fumes, dust, vapor and smoke. Designed for pharmaceutical, food processing and the chemical industry.

IAP offers handheld portable fume extraction units. These can easily be transported around the workplace. Suitable for welding fumes, grinding dust and soldering dust.

Mobile filter unit for single workplace where there is no need for constant exhaust operation.

Designed for removal of dusts and fumes during manufacturing processes.

IAP offers Downdraft Tables in various sizes featuring backdraft and downdraft exhaust, and LED lighting.

IAP’s Welding Downdraft Tables are equipped with capture, exhaust and filtration system. The tables have a built-in downdraft exhaust and a fume arm connection.

IAP’s Direct Mount Fans work with our source capture devices.

Our remote mount fans are designed for use in all types of industrial process and ventilation systems, mounted indoor as well as outdoor.

Our Ambient Air Cleaners are a complete air filter packaged unit that can be installed easily and used as a free hanging air filter unit to clean the ambient pollutants, smoke and haze.

Our Welding Work Stations are designed for removal of dusts and fumes during welding processes. The booths are customizable and can be grouped or individual.

IAP offers Extension Booms designed to enlarge the area of reach of IAP’s Fume Arms and vehicle exhaust systems.

IAP offers an easy to install filter system for source capture air filtration.

IAP offers a full range of Vehicle Exhaust products designed for removal of vehicle fumes during repair and maintenance.

Designed to effectively reduce sparks from grinding, welding, and cutting applications so as to protect the worker as well as the existing dust collection system.

IAP offers MMS from 1HP to 10HP, in various voltages.