Reduce Your Heating Costs


Industrial Air Purification Inc., designs and installs MacroAir HLVS Fans. We recently installed (6) 24' diameter fans at the University of Tennessee Neyland-Thompson Sports Center. These improve cooling in the summer and reduce heating costs in the winter by pushing destrastifed heat from the ceiling downward. You can see our crew installing these in the picture above.

During colder months of the year, running a fan at low-speed in a clockwise rotation will break up pockets of warm air near the ceiling of a warehouse or manufacturing center and bring the heat down to the occupied space.

How HVLS fans’ airflow patterns change by season

Despite what many think, an HVLS fan (or a regular ceiling fan, for that matter) does not actually lower the temperature of a room; it creates airflow that cools down the building’s occupants by speeding up the natural human cooling process, which involves the evaporation of ...